Going up and down stairs can become challenging for seniors and those with limited mobility. This causes a number of people to downsize and move into a single-level home but this does not have to be the case because the installation of a stairlift can help you use your staircase safely and easily.

Benefits of Stairlift to Your Home

There are several benefits of installing a stairlift in your home and here are some of them.

It Will Prevent Injuries

Using a motorized chair to get to different floors will reduce the risk of at-home injuries and will provide you with peace of mind. Stairs can be very dangerous and can cause people to fall. Missing just one step can result in a broken hip or leg but the use of a stairlift will prevent these injuries from happening, so if safety is a concern, this is definitely an option to consider.

It Is Easy To Use

Stairlifts do not have complicated instructions and are very easy to operate. One must simply sit on the seat, put on the seatbelt, and press and hold the switch, which is located on the armrest. These simple steps will help you get up and down the stairs easily. The product also includes two keyed remotes, which is very convenient if there is more than one person who needs to use the lift. If the lift is at the bottom and you are at the top landing of your staircase, you just push the arrow button that is facing up on your remote and the chair will make its way to the top landing.

Stairlift Is Comfortable

The ride of a stairlift is both smooth and comfortable, and some even come with extra cushioning to provide additional comfort. Depending on the model, the back, the seat, and the armrests will all have padded cushions.

It Will Restore Independence

If you feel like you cannot move around comfortably in your own home, you will feel like you’ve lost your independence and it’s not always easy to ask for assistance from family members or friends when getting up or down the stairs. Installing a stairlift will help you feel comfortable again and you will get to continue enjoying your home. You will regain your independence and your freedom as a result, and you will have a safe and easy way of accessing the different floors of your home.

It Is Affordable

Not only is a stairlift safe, but it is also affordable and will allow you to remain at home. Most seniors want to stay in their house and would rather age at home than move to a senior living community, and a stairlift would make this a possibility.

Trinity Home Medical can provide you with more information regarding this option, and together, we can discuss if this product is right for you. We also offer other medical supplies, compression socks, orthopedic shoes, and more, so if you are in the Edmonton area, contact us today!