Walkers Edmonton

Walkers are very useful tools that can help people get around, and if you need help with movement, Trinity Home Medical can help. We will provide you with the right walker based on your needs and ensure you have the proper equipment.

There are different walkers, including folding ones, rollators, canes and crutches, and we will recommend the right walker based on your needs and requirements. Folding walkers have a frame held in front of the user, so you will be able to lean on this component during movement, and both adult and junior folding walkers are available. A composite lower side brace will provide you with added stability, and these folding mechanisms are easy to reach even from a seated position and come with a wide range of height adjustments.

You can also consider a rollator which consists of a frame with three or four large wheels, handlebars and a built-in seat which is a requirement for many people. This would allow you to stop and rest whenever you get tired or require a break, and these walkers are also adjustable and lightweight. If you need something simpler, you can consider a cane. A walking stick is used just like a crutch. This would help redistribute weight from the lower leg that is weak or painful and would also help improve stability by increasing the base of the support.

On the other hand, crutches would transfer weight from your legs to the upper body, and this mobility aid is meant for people who cannot use their legs to support their weight. This can result from a short-term injury or a life-long disability, and we will present you with the best products based on your unique situation.

We understand that every person has different needs and will assist you based on your information. We care about our customers and offer medical supplies to improve your pain and eliminate discomfort. If you are looking for walkers in the Edmonton area, contact us today!