Foot pain can be serious, and if left untreated, this type of pain can prevent you from walking or moving, so it’s an issue that must be addressed. We use our feet every day and rely on this part of our body to move around, so if you ever experience foot pain or aches, you need to find the cause so that you can seek treatment and eliminate your pain.

Causes of Foot Pain

The causes will vary from one person to another, but the following are the most common causes of foot pain:

Fallen Arch

This is a condition that some people develop and is an injury to the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the inside of the foot. This is generally from overuse or from sports, and you will experience pain in the arch of your foot or in your ankle. Some situations will require surgery, while others will require orthotics, so this will be based on the severity of the situation. In some cases, wearing orthotics in your shoes can be enough to keep your foot in place, but you should always consult with a podiatrist first. This is one of the major causes of foot pain.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

A fallen arch can lead to other conditions like tarsal tunnel syndrome, which causes heel pain. You would feel a burning sensation because of the nerve impingement on the inside of your ankle, and you may be able to wear orthotics, which can be a treatment option, although you may require surgery as well. It’s important to note that not all tarsal tunnel cases are related to a fallen arch, but this can contribute to this condition.

Cuboid Syndrome

This condition would cause you to feel pain in the outer middle part of the foot. The cuboid is a bone in your foot, and this issue can be related to a fallen arch because whenever the foot collapses as a result of a fallen arch, it pinches the joints on the other side of the foot together and the support structure around that area on the outside of the foot will no longer hold its shape. This condition needs to be assessed by a podiatrist so that they can recommend the right treatment plan, and wearing orthotics may be an option.


This is very common for athletes who train year-round and don’t get enough rest because it can cause their joints to wear and tear. Overusing your ligaments and tendons is problematic because it will affect the structure of your joints, and they will no longer be able to support your body properly. If you are an elite athlete, you must use the proper supportive footwear and must take breaks in between seasons.

Calluses, plantar fasciitis, and bunions can also cause foot pain, and Trinity Home Medical can provide you with more information regarding this matter. If you are suffering from foot pain, contact us today.