Compression socks are highly beneficial, and they can help with blood circulation, varicose veins, swollen legs and more if you are considering purchasing this product, you likely have several questions. This is very normal as it’s not an item most people discuss and the following guide will provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding compression socks:

Which level of comfort should I pick?

Support stockings will come in two classes: Class 1 is mild compression and Class 2 is known as strong compression. Support and compression stockings are designed to help you improve your blood circulation. It will have the pressure that is strongest around the ankles and decreases as the stocking moves up the leg. If you have not yet consulted your healthcare practitioner, then we recommend that you begin with Class 1. 

Class 1: This compression level is recommended for air travel, standing/sedentary work, if you have swollen legs and feet, varicose veins, for during pregnancy, etc. The majority of Class 1 compression stockings are also used for sports.

Class 2: This compression level should only be used as a prescription from your doctor or nurse. If you are ever in doubt, then you should always consult your doctor for their opinion. They will be able to give you an accurate examination to determine your exact needs and then they can advise you accordingly.

What length of stocking should I go with? Knee-high, thigh-high or panty hose?

The entire function of compression stockings is to stimulate blood circulation through pressure around the ankle. This pressure will decrease as it moves up the leg, therefore it will be increasingly milder the higher it goes. If you are in doubt of which type you should start with, go for knee-high stockings unless you have some specific issues with the thigh area, for example varicose veins. Most pregnant women find that using a support panty hose is the most comfortable because it gives support and ease on the stomach.

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What are AD, AT and AHG acronyms for?

AD, AT and AHG tell you the length of the stocking. AD: Knee-high, AT: panty hose, AHG: thigh high stocking also known as stay up.

What is the difference between the materials used?

Cotton is a durable and breathable natural fibre that is suitable for use everyday. Bamboo is a naturally occurring fibre that has a lot of the same properties as cotton does, but it is even more breathable. It has a surface that looks more glossy than cotton and is suitable for use everyday if you run hot. Micro polyester can be used to make a much more flexible stocking that has a glossier and more elegant surface and it also has a cooling effect for those in high temperatures. It is good for air travel and to wear on hotter days.

How do I choose the right size for me? How do I choose the right size for me?

When you are picking your size one of the most important measurements is the circumference of your ankle, then your calf. The size of your feet play less of an importance. Compression is the strongest at the ankle and it decreases as the stocking moves up the leg. If you end up between two sizes you should go with the size which suits the size of your ankle the best. It is also not out of the ordinary to find that the foot of the stocking is too large or too small. But you won’t be able to notice this once you get the stocking on.

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