Walkers are versatile and helpful; many seniors rely on this tool to move around easily and safely. This mobility assistance device will make walking possible, although choosing one can be challenging because of the many existing options. 

Using a walker will lower the risk of physical injury. It may aid a senior in feeling better physically and mentally because they can regain the independence they may have lost over the years. The best walkers will help seniors balance better while supporting their weight and offer several benefits, including happiness, freedom, safety, peace of mind, and reduced pain. This device will improve one’s quality of life, and any senior who struggles to get around or gets tired easily should consider using a walker. 

Walkers in Edmonton

Walkers come in different shapes, types, and sizes, and understanding your mobility issues and challenges will allow you to select the right one. Various walker designs are better for different people and health conditions, so understanding your needs will help you make an informed decision. You will be able to choose from:

1. Standard walkers:

This is a traditional option that has four individual rubber-tipped legs. This device must be lifted to move around.

2. Two-wheel walkers:

This device has two wheels in the front of the walker and two rubber-tipped legs in the back, so it’s an excellent option for those who need light to moderate weight support.

3. Three-wheel walkers:

This device has three wheels for movement and is considered lightweight compared to a four-wheel walker, so it may be easier to transport.

4. Four-wheel walkers:

This device is designed for those who do not need to lean on the walker for balance but still require assistance with moving or balancing.

5. Knee walkers:

This device has a platform for resting the knees, and the leg that is not resting can propel the walker forward.

6. Upright walkers:

This device allows the user to remain standing straight while using the walker, so you won’t have to bend down or hunch over. This device helps with overall posture and body composition but may not be ideal for those who find standing upright challenging.  

Going over the details of the available walkers will help you select the best one for your situation and needs.

Medical Supplies in Edmonton

In terms of cost, this will depend on the type of walker, its features, and the material it is made of. Generally speaking, walkers are inexpensive but very effective in helping a person move, and here at Trinity Home Medical, we will help you choose the right one based on your needs. We have a wide selection of walkers and medical supplies so if you are in Edmonton, contact us today at (780) 462-0009 to find out more!