A lift chair is ideal for those who have difficulty getting on and off their couch. It is a great tool for seniors and those with disabilities because these chairs will provide you with the assistive boost you need to get on and off your couch comfortably without the risk of falling.  

Choosing the right chair lift can take time because there are a variety of options to choose from. It is quite the investment, so in addition to comfort, you need to make sure the chair meets all of your needs, and the following are some of the aspects that you need to consider:

Number Of Positions

Every lift chair is different, and not all of them have the same number of positions. Some have a couple, while others have more, so you need to consider your needs. Chairs with multiple positions have two separate motors, and one is used to control the headrest while the other is used to control the footrest. This would allow the user to have a lot of flexibility in terms of how they relax, and you would have the option of sitting upright, reclining with your feet back, lying flat or whatever other position you require. 


Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone and to ensure comfort. Taller people will need a different sized chair than those who are shorter because your height and size will cause you to have different needs. If you’re tall, you have to make sure your lower back is getting the support that it needs, and if you are on the shorter side, you have to make sure your feet are touching the floor when you sit back. Take measurements of your height and weight and compare them to the different models that are available so that you purchase the right one.


The type of material does matter, so make sure you select a chair that is constructed of comfortable and soft fabric. You can also choose leather if you prefer something that is easy to clean, and while this material may be more expensive, it will provide your chair with a regal appearance. 

The Size Of The Room

Lift chairs can take up a lot of room when reclined, so you need to think of the room itself. The chair may look compact when it is in the seated position, but you need to consider its size when it is reclined because most models slide out and backward, so they will likely have to be placed in the middle of a room. This means you have to measure the room you will be placing the chair in to ensure it will fit without crashing into the walls.

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