Orthotics are very effective and will make a difference. If you’re interested in getting a pair, it’s natural to wonder how long they will last, and the good news is that custom orthotics are built to last. While this is great, it’s important to note that they are not indestructible, so they may wear out eventually, and it’s also possible for patients to outgrow them if your activities change a lot over time.

There are insoles you can buy over the counter, but these are not the same quality as custom orthotics, which will last a lot longer – a full year at least. Most people will be able to wear their custom orthotics for three to five years, and it’s possible for your pair to last even longer. This is because of the quality of materials and the fact that each pair is tailored to the individual, so they are structurally durable and capable of handling force efficiently. They will fit your feet perfectly, so you will feel comfortable and will notice a big difference.

How Long Does Orthotics Last?

If you want to know exactly how many years your specific pair of orthotics will last, the answer will depend on a few factors, including your weight, how you use your orthotics, their material, their construction, and how often you wear them. Rigid orthotics that are made from materials like plastic or graphite will usually last longer than soft orthotics that are made from silicone or cork. Heavier people will put more strain on their orthotics than lighter people, which will cause the orthotics to wear out faster, and if you enjoy high-impact activities, this, too, will cause your orthotics to wear out faster.

It is generally recommended that you wear your orthotics every day and that you wear them all the time so that they are effective. You can get multiple pairs or pairs for different types of shoes as rotating your pairs would help increase their lifespan. Additionally, your daily routine and activities will affect the lifespan of your orthotics as well, and the way you walk now will not be the same as how you walk in a few years. Your feet will not be the same shape and size because they continue to grow and flatten as we get older, so your pair of orthotics that fits perfectly now won’t feel the same down the road.

If you want to avoid foot and ankle pain, you need to act quickly to repair, replace or refurbish your orthotics. If you ever notice that your pair is no longer effective, it may be time to update your orthotics, so you need to go in for a checkup. During this appointment, your feet and orthotics will be examined, and your activities, goals, and symptoms will all be discussed.

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